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Know Me Better !

Okay, Okay. I finally got around to putting something about me up here on this web page.

Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? h

Name :Bindhu !
Nick Name : Try One !
Born  on :17th June
Who is this Bindhu ??????

Age as on : Oh no....that's a secret !

Well here's a little history:-  I was born in Kulathuvayal . (Actually my parents found me with a fisherman (lying in the fish basket) who used to sell fish in our village , and decided to take me home with them. They felt sorry for me I guess.--That's my Big brother's  story of my birth!! Little did he know the TERROR I would be!!!)

Hight : 5'4"
Weight : 50 Kgs (Hoping to improve)
Family:Dad,Mom & 2 brothers Who is this Bindhu ??????

I Love: To be loved
Favourite Place : My Home
Favourite Game: Cricket
My Biggest asset: Sincerity
My Passion: Classical Dance
My Happiest Moment : Yet to Come
My Sadest Moment : Burried in the past
I am  very talkative (Only with people I am close).  
My friends call me Binz
Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ?????? Who is this Bindhu ??????

some of my old friends call me "sundari"

We basically belong to  Calicut district of Kerala.
Father : M.P Kurian
Mother: Ambika
Brothers: Binoj & Bestin (Kuttan)
I am the second child to my parents and I have an elder and a younger brother.  I did my schooling in my home town and I came to Bangalore to do college.  After completing my graduation, I started working along with my studies.
Below all is too much, I know! Anyway, just cos i got some weird gifs, I thought I wud include that in my page.
 I am a girl full of smiles 

A Girl Very Active

And I believe that 'Smile is the best CURVE that can STRAIGHTEN things up'.

  My  Hobbies..
Drawing & Painting

Here is a picture I 've drawn in my computer using "Paint"

Apart from drawing and painting (using water colors), I developed a keen interest in Indian litrature from a very small age. My interest in literature can be traced to all those stories from Indian epics - Ramayana and Mahabharata my Dad used to tell little Bindhu. Later when I could read I read "Amarchithra Katha", (stories from Indian epics and history.).  
I used to fight with my brother for reading it at first ( we both were famous for our fights )
Memorable Years !!!
1982 : My brother  and myself receieved Confession and Holy Communion together.  That was really a memorable event.
1985: An unexpected addition happend to our family !
i.e. I got a small brother ( I think that was  the year me and my big brother mutually stopped fighting)
1995: Started measuring the length and width of  Bangalore! In short unemployed" 
2004: My Big  brother got married and I got a sweet sis-in-law
Many more to come...
Favorite Exercise
Prefer "Lay downs"
Favorite Trait
Laziness: "Some call it laziness. I call it deep thought."
Sunrise :"I'd like mornings better if they started later"

Wants to have some fun??? Click here

Favorite hobbies
Eating and sleeping: "There may be more to life, but I hope not" (I have and had many hobbies. Only my interest in this field have stood to the test of time so far.)
My Company
Hmmm, what else can I tell you about myself?Let's see where I should  start !! .
  • Internet

(Exploring new sites,chat, Malayalam sites, receiving anything 'free' in the net, construction of my homepage and its beautification....).

  • Music

I like Malayalam , English, Hindi, and Tamil songs and all sorts of semi classical songs. I have a huge collection of cassets of all this songs.


  • Mailing

    Forwarding good(!!!) mails and giving "small troubles" to all the ones i know.
    Know my tastes

    Favourite Color :  White

    Favourite Dishes : Omelette, Noodles, Prawn, Fish fry!

     Favorite Outfit : Salwar Kameez.


     Favourite Spiritual Quotes...

    "The Celebration of being alive is the greatest gift of him"
    (Trust me, i didn't write this myself!)


    "Take it easy. But take it."

    Favourite Browsing Centre : Cisco Systems (Client) 
     (That's  where I work ! Its free u know, and my company pay me for that!)
    Fav TV Channels : Discovery, Asianet, Sun, Surya
    I miss:  My Ex-hostel mates and friends...  and ofcourse My family.. my dad, Mom, chachayi and Kuttan
    Wish to be reborn as: Binz (but want to alter a few things than how its going at  this time!)
    Poster in my room: Kajol (More to come....)


    Here is a nice qoute (or at least I think so!):

    The first woman was created from the rib of man.
    She was not made from his head to top him,
    nor from his feet to be trampled upon by him,
    but out of his side to be equal to him,
    under his arm to be protected,
    and near his heart to be loved.

    There are many things in life that will catch your eye,
    but only a few will catch your heart....pursue those!

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