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Step In To Bindhu's Home Page
Home Sweet Home.....

My Dad:
What do I say about him ?
He is a man with great principles.
He was more of a friend to me n my brothers  than as a father. My elder brother and me used to make him the judge for all those competitions between us. He often let us do what we wanted. 

Binoj (My "BIG" Brother):
You can often find him sleeping while at home. Me and my younger brother are bit scared of him than dad n mom.  But he is very  affectionate towards both of us. We call him "Chachaayi". You can find him going that extra mile when it comes to helping our relatives or well wishers. Hmmmmmmmm ! he is also a very good cook.

My Mom:
She is a terrific cook. A bit stubborn n kiddish. I seem to have taken off from her. She is an innocent mother who does not keep anything in the heart.  If she is upset or angry, you will know it immediately. She deserves to be given a medal for all those sufferings through my Dad's tempers n tantrums

Bestin aka Kuttan (My lil brother):
Introducing my younger brother Bestin.He's celebrated more Onam than me in Kerala...but he is still younger.We are the best of friends while we are together.  Both of us can go on chatting for hours on end.  He is very sensitive, intelligent, bit short tempered and childish at times. He's doing his degree in B'lore now !
Come Home To The Stars
Come Home To The Stars Come Home To The Stars