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My Friends

Next to family, friends are the greatest possession. Family is something you are given and freinds are people u can choose. As said "Show me your friends and I will tell who you are" is definetly true. I am very priveledged and lucky to have a few excellent and close friends. I owe most of the best moments of my life to them.

During my school days I have shifted residence twice and school thrice. So I have friends in two different regions of Kerala. Calicut (now Kozhikode) and Kannur.

Friends in my childhood at Calicut :

Having lived in  Kulathuvayal (that's my birth place at Calicut district) all through my childhood days, I have the sweetest of my memories there. Accepting the fact that I am very bad at keeping in touch with people, I have now lost contact with all of my old friends. Having lived in a village that was closely knitted, I was very much used to be close with a lots of people. My first few friends were Mini  (the friendship with whom I still cherish very fondly), Saphia, Jameela, Shayi, Basheer and lots of others.. (I have missed quite a few).. I remember playing with all of them in our backyard for atleast 2 hours everyday. I have done everything that I wanted to then cos I was the "leader" and i had the support of my elder brother always. It was gr88 being with such good kids :). My school mates from 1st to 8th.. I can remember Mini, Janet, Saphia, Nimal, Rishi, Marykutty, Bindu P.K, Ancy, Deepa, Shanty, Omana, Geetha ...  the list goes on....

Friends in my youth at Kannur:-

Moving over to Alakode in Kannur District where I spent the rest of my school  life (9th and 10th).   I had a tough time to leave my then best friend Mini and to cop-up with the unfamiliar crowd in the new school which inturn affected my studies too. It took me few months to get two real good friends Asha and Daisy who also helped me in my studies (both are married and settled now).  I remember going to the small hills nearby during lunch break to pluck mangoes which we didnt want to share with the other class mates !  We used to often visit each others house.  That was the best part of my life ever....

I also remeber my neighbourhood friend and class mate "Jomi', her sister Jolly and my Sunday school friends  Swapna and Biji who were also my class mates at the tution centre. 

Those were the time when there was no tension, no worries and only studies and friends......

world's really small, isn't it?


My friends in Bangalore...

Bangalore has been a turning point in my life making me realize the importance of friends in life

My nature (in the past) of being a little introvert didn't get me too many friends in my undergraduate college either. I had relatively few friends at College. But I met my few good friends there..

Jancy (Kutti Rums) was the first one. . She was my class mate for PUC at St. Anne's College and we went to the college in the same bus.  Shaji George (SG), Ambili and Treesa  form my other set of close friends.   My other friends at college included Bindhu, Mini, Gracy, Beena, Biji and so many others .

My Hostel Mates In Bangalore:-

I have enjoyed the most here though I miss my family and my homeland. My friends list here can go on to pages because i had stayed in 5 hostels in Bangalore. I don't have pateince to type so much. Here is just a gist..

Lets start with my roomies at "Nirmala",  Claramma (Clara chechy)She is a gr8 person to be with, Gracy (Gracy chechy)She has always been there for me during all the small and big hurdles. She is very practical and has been very very helpful and caring., Tissy (TissyChechy.) The most sensitive person i've ever met.

Next in line is Bisty (I've known her for past10 years. she was with me in 2 hostels and became one of the few close friends whom  I can count on...  Through Bisty, I met another great friend of mine Wesly(currently too busy with ---) He is fun loving and is a good problem-solver. 

These are the other unforgettable friends I got during my stay in "Holy Cross Hostel".  They are  Mini, Shoba, Lovely, and Anitha.  I really miss all these friends.......We were proud to be the "AWESOME  6 at Holy Cross including Bisty and myself".

I had one more close friend "Siji"at Holy Cross.  She was emotional, very loving and at the same time childish.  A nice person to be with....

I had another set of friends during my stay in "Good Shephered" Hostel called as "Mariyan Ville".  They are Geetha & Suja.

Next is Shantha  one of the few friends with whom i've no barriers. Though I know her for a comparitively short period of time, she has become one of my best friends. She is one of the most lovely and down to earth person I have met.

Last but not the least is my roomies Sreeja (Picha). She is a very soft person and  innocent at heart. 

My friends at BPL:-

I  met few but good friends when I was with BPL.   They are Lizzy, Patrecia, and Sajitha.

Friends I Met At Radiant

Radiant was a great place with lots of lovely people around.  The most fun loving  were Joe, Menaka & Lokesh. Next comes SrideviChandra Mohan, Pradeep, and the list goes on.....and.....on.......

Friends I met at Les Concierges 

They are Salomi and Abeer.  Two good hearts with whom I share all my problems.....

Last but not the least I have another set of friends. They are Chandrashekar, Ritu, Shipa and Uday.  I met them at Digital Globalsoft Ltd., while working for Lesconcierges. 


To all my friends.. I would like to say "Thanks for being my friend".